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How To Shop For A Coffee That Is Gentler On Your Stomach

There are coffee roasters and suppliers selling “low-acid” coffees. Be careful that this does not confuse you about what the term “coffee acidity” actually refers to. In this case, low-acid is used by sellers to get the attention of buyers looking for coffee that won’t upset their stomach. When you have a stomach that’s sensitive … Continue reading

#coffeeandbiscotti review for @purjavacoffee
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#coffeeandbiscotti review for @purjavacoffee

If you like drinking cold brew coffee, you may enjoy PurJava concentrate coffee too. PurJava is a shelf stable coffee concentrate you drink in much the same way as your cold coffee concentrates. There are a few things I really like about PurJava coffee concentrate . Smaller bottle: because PurJava is more concentrated than the … Continue reading