Single Origin Coffee Review

Malawi Mzuzu Single Origin Coffee from
Malawi Mzuzu Single Origin Coffee from

A quick recommendation for one of my favorite roasters in Lincoln, Nebraska.

As a temporary replacement for the Kenya AA, The Coffee Roaster in Lincoln brought in the Malawi Mzuzu single origin coffee. Of course, we had to try a pound of it.

The Brazil and Panama single origin coffees are my favorite, but this Malawi Mzuzu also has earned a place at the top of favorites. This coffee comes through very smooth under different brewing methods. The aeropress and pour over gives a nice full bodied cup of coffee. And it’s very smooth when put through the less than best home brewer machine. The pot of coffee did not last long in our house that day.

After making a pot at home for ourselves, a few cups in the aeropress and pour over at home, and one aeropress on the road that appears in next post, I gave the rest of the package to my mom. She tried it before we made the trek back to our house and she really liked it too.

If you wish to learn more about this coffee, there is a website dedicated to it. Go to

The Coffee Roaster is a great shop, ran by some of the best people. They not only offer high quality air roasted coffee, but provide a delightful atmosphere to visit within their store. There’s always sample coffees on tap, and they’re always willing to share their knowledge with visitors.

Jon Ferguson will be running some coffee oriented classes at The Coffee Roaster this year through Southeast Community College. I will certainly be taking some of them and look forward to learning more from Jon. Some will be a refresher course for me, but I’m sure his expertise and experience will leave much more for me to learn. I’ve already learned so much by working with headroaster Vince on my visits there.

The Coffee Roaster’s Website.

The Coffee Roaster’s Facebook Page.





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