#coffeeandbiscotti review for @purjavacoffee

If you like drinking cold brew coffee, you may enjoy PurJava concentrate coffee too. PurJava is a shelf stable coffee concentrate you drink in much the same way as your cold coffee concentrates.

There are a few things I really like about PurJava coffee concentrate .

  • Smaller bottle: because PurJava is more concentrated than the cold brew coffee recipes you only need one to two tablespoons for your cup of coffee.
  • 4 Year Shelf Life: perfect for stocking the pantry with so you don’t need to worry about running out of coffee in an emergency.
  • Known Caffeine Content: 2 tablespoons = 82 mg

Both my husband and I tested PurJava concentrate for our coffee drinking.  We have the Honduran Medium Roast with the Natural Chocolate Flavor.

I drink latte style drinks while he’s more of a black coffee drinker. For the lattes, I found that PurJava mixed well with various coffee syrup flavors and different milks. My husband spent a week making his morning coffee with PurJava and really liked it.

In addition, we also made the marinade for steaks found on this page with PurJava. We were impressed with how flavorful the meat came out. We’re definitely going to get more concentrate in just for cooking with alone.

If you take coffee with you as you travel you’ll love how it takes just a little of the concentrate to make your coffee. The bottle is ideal for limited packing space and easy to handle when you mix up your drinks at rest stops while on the road. The smaller bottle fits the smaller hotel fridges nicely.

The longer shelf life is a fantastic bonus about the PurJava coffee concentrate. Many people are realizing just how uncertain things are in our lives and planning for the unexpected. This means that those of us who are stocking up food supplies for possible breakdowns, tragedies, storms, etc can also stock our coffee without worrying about it degrading.

The unopened PurJava bottles have a shelf life of over four years. Terrific!

At PurJava’s online store you can get both the coffee concentrate and many wonderful ground coffees. We also tested the Ethiopia coffee to use for our hot coffee and it did not last long!

The Ethiopia coffee is full of intense flavor but very smooth with an intoxicating aroma.  If you’re not used to the more flavorful variety, your eyes will go wide when you taste this one. Trust me. I witnessed it happen.

This is what attracted me to PurJava in the first place. When I first met Primo, he spoke to me of how dedicated they were to both the origin of their beans and with the way they process them.

“PurJava coffees are shade grown under fruit bearing trees which provide a rich soil of compost. The natural, organic environment allows nature to work the magic. The sun provides a rich source of sugar while the ground supplies nitrogen.

PurJava coffee beans are roasted with precision for an excellent cup of coffee, which ensures you taste the coffee bean and never the roaster. This detailed attention to the roasting process gives every cup just the right balance of NPK (nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus) and antioxidants.”

My regular readers know that I like different coffee suppliers and don’t reserve favoritism for just one roaster or supplier, but I have one thing to say for the PurJava brand of coffees. PurJava has a spot as one of my favorites.

Look for more from me on this brand. We have a ton of recipes we wish to try with the coffee concentrate with both cooking and making coffee drinks.  We just picked up another bottle of the concentrate. Hmm…should have picked up two…

I used to run online magazines in the fiction world, and I’ve decided to run an online coffee magazine. Some of my PurJava recipe experiments will make it into the issue.

Each issue will dive into a geographical location and the coffee businesses in that area. For the first issue in the fall, I’ve chosen Lincoln, Nebraska area coffee businesses. There’s three coffee drink businesses so far on my list, PurJava being one of them.

PurJava will also be one of the coffees presented in that magazine.  Nothing’s settled yet, so I’m not sure if it will be the concentrate or if I’ll work with one of the ground coffees.

If I’m able to obtain any new information from Jonathan Primo Fuego in time, we may include a special notice from PurJava. They’ve got so much going on, I’m sure there’s something exciting coming up in the fall/winter for them to announce.


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