Verena Street Coffee And Caffeine

I found this nicely done blog article today on how to know how much caffeine is in your cup of coffee.

It’s much like the post I wrote last year with a few more tidbits.

Verena Street seems to be a really nice coffee roaster with good ideals about their products and people. We have a Township 9 coffee shop in town that serves their coffee. It’s flavorful. A very nice treat for many of my days.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to watch your caffeine intake from all sources. We talk about coffee as if it’s the sole source of our daily caffeine, but it may not be. Caffeine is a wonderful thing when taken in responsibly, and dangerous when it is overdone.

Everyone has a different tolerance to it. Listen to your body, and to your doctor when it comes to your personal considerations.

Added note: If you’re like me and drink 4 plus cups coffee per day but need to keep your daily caffeine intake down to 200 mg, drink some of your coffee with 1/2 decaf beans and decaf. My afternoon coffees are the decaf ones. Verena Street specifies they use the Swiss water decaf method for their decaf that I recommend.

Coming this week yet is the fuller review for PurJava coffee. Primo sent me some good information about their product and he’s seen the first draft of the review. I’ll get it edited a bit and posted soon.




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  1. Meadow Monioz says:

    I’m interested in the Shot Tower by Verena Street or something that has caramel undertones and a creamy finish. I was told that one fit the description. What I’m concerned with is the acid/ph. The company has not tested any of their coffees so cannot give a specific answer. Have you tested the ph or happen to know someone who has or the information? I’d really appreciate it or a recommendation to another one of theirs that fits the description. Thank you!
    Ps I really enjoy your blog 🙂


  2. Hi there. Thanks for reading and for your comment! I can’t be positive if the espresso in my drinks was Shot Tower because I did not see the packaging, but the list of coffees on their site implies it was. It created a good balance with how they made their drinks for me.

    If you specifically know you are sensitive to PH levels of drinks, then I’d say it’s safe to assume a coffee would be around 5, which is average. Just make sure you use water as close to PH 7 as you can get. I did test some waters at home and found that Fiji water did tend to make a gentler cup of coffee. But that can be expensive too.

    If you don’t know that you’re specifically sensitive to PH level and can drink sodas or orange juice without issue, it may not be the PH level you need to look out for. If that’s the case, in my opinion, trying the Shot Tower may be worth it. You may actually be more sensitive to caffeine or roasting levels and you may have to buy different types to test at home. Or stick to single origin coffees rather than blends.

    My personal sensitivity is brewing methods. The Coffee Roaster recently brought out India Monsoon Malabar dark roast coffee and we tried it. We also switched our old style coffee maker out for a Cuisinart, which properly disperses the water over the grounds evenly. The brewed India coffee was much easier for my stomach to handle.

    According to The Coffee Roaster, “This coffee is exposed to months of rain and wind on the Malabar coast after harvest which causes the beans to swell in size and lose it’s original acidity. With a practically neutral pH balance, this coffee features a very unique flavor profile.”

    I prefer more boldness in taste to my coffee, but this one was very good. Worth looking out for and giving it a try for sure. If it works for you and you want more caramel tones, you could always add a teaspoon of caramel coffee syrup. This will add a little calories to your cup, but if you’re sensible it won’t be too much.

    I’ve been adding a splash of milk and about 1 teaspoon of vanilla or toasted marshmellow coffee syrup in my cup of India coffee and like it very well.

    Good luck in finding your favorite coffee!


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