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Verena Street Coffee And Caffeine

I found this nicely done blog article today on how to know how much caffeine is in your cup of coffee.

It’s much like the post I wrote last year with a few more tidbits.

Verena Street seems to be a really nice coffee roaster with good ideals about their products and people. We have a Township 9 coffee shop in town that serves their coffee. It’s flavorful. A very nice treat for many of my days.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to watch your caffeine intake from all sources. We talk about coffee as if it’s the sole source of our daily caffeine, but it may not be. Caffeine is a wonderful thing when taken in responsibly, and dangerous when it is overdone.

Everyone has a different tolerance to it. Listen to your body, and to your doctor when it comes to your personal considerations.

Added note: If you’re like me and drink 4 plus cups coffee per day but need to keep your daily caffeine intake down to 200 mg, drink some of your coffee with 1/2 decaf beans and decaf. My afternoon coffees are the decaf ones. Verena Street specifies they use the Swiss water decaf method for their decaf that I recommend.

Coming this week yet is the fuller review for PurJava coffee. Primo sent me some good information about their product and he’s seen the first draft of the review. I’ll get it edited a bit and posted soon.




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