Should you worry about cancer in your coffee?

There’s an agenda going on to get everything we eat, drink, or use labeled with cancer warnings. And they’re succeeding. Technically EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE has some potential of harming us.

Coffee is no exception. In spite of all the official medical proof we have from the past 15 years stating how beneficial coffee can be in a well balanced diet, an organization managed to nit pick and find something to exploit and gain attention for themselves. All in the name of protecting us.

I’m for watchdog groups. If not for them, we’d be stuck doing things like in Victorian times and killing ourselves with dangerous clothing and treatments. Sometimes, things do get a little ridiculous though. In my opinion.

If we’re going to go suing companies for things that aren’t scientifically proven to cause harm, then I feel we should save our tax dollars and just get to the obviously desired end result. Let’s just leap right into placing a blanket warning on every food and drink.

So, should we actually worry about this cancer warning for coffee?

Let’s see…

Does it cause cancer? I suggest you start by reading the above fact sheet. Then search the internet for more information if you’re that curious. But the broad answer is…we don’t know for sure.

Yes, it has caused cancer in rats, but rats absorb and metabolize completely different than we do, and those rats were given doses that were extreme. NOT the minute amounts we’re exposed to.

So, should we actually worry about this cancer warning for coffee?

On a personal level, probably not.

On a legal, freedom to choose for ourselves level…we should be concerned for the future.

This group, and the judge that let them get away with it, has helped propel something that could very well take hold and grow over into other realms. Like I said, nearly EVERYTHING has something potentially harmful.

I don’t care if you grow your own vegetables in your back yard and control what gets put on them. Have you lived in a town surrounded with fields and watched the planes drop fertilizer on them? Have you seen your town workers go around spraying for weeds or mosquitoes? Don’t tell me that crap doesn’t make it to our yards and onto our food we’re growing in our garden.

Reports like this prey upon our natural fears and paranoia of this world. Let’s face it. If we’re honest, we don’t trust anything and know that everything and everyone has the real potential to do us harm.

We can choose to be victims of this and let our paranoia control us. Or we can choose to think for ourselves.

It seems that California coffee companies gave in a lot easier than I thought they should. But maybe they have it right. They know their customers aren’t stupid. They know their customers either don’t care or already are aware there are dangers in life.

Maybe they know that we understand we’re more at risk of over-caffeinating ourselves by drinking too much coffee than suffering death from a teeny amount of a chemical we’re already exposed to on a daily basis.

Still, as with most things with coffee, this is a personal thing. Whether or not you listen to this and let it influence your coffee habit is up to you, and up to how you already live your life.

My take on this is this:

  • If you smoke, pfft! Why worry? You probably get more of this chemical in by smoking than you would from coffee.
  • Do you panic about what’s in your water? No? Then no reason to panic here.
  • Are you going to stop buying french fries at McDonald’s or drinking prune juice now you know the chemical is there too? No? Then, don’t worry about it.
  • Do you obsess over what else goes into your latte to the extreme? No. Then, don’t worry.
  • Does this one thing cancel out all the medical reports and studies citing how coffee lowers the risk of many conditions, including cancer? Doesn’t for me.
  • Does skipping your morning coffee mean you’re more likely to lose it and murder someone? Then please for the LOVE of GOD keep drinking your coffee!!!

Bottom line is that only those who already obsess over anything and everything have a reason to panic on this. If you’re one of those, you’re probably not even reading this because you probably believe WiFi exposure can be harmful too.

If you’re still curious and like to know more I’ve included links below to official research on this. And don’t feel bad if you want to know. It’s a good thing to be informed. It’s just not something worthy of a label in my opinion. I mean, come on, we have some KNOWN proven dangers out there that should get the warnings. We could spend our time and tax dollars more wisely than this.

On a side note, check out how drinking your coffee before it cools down a bit can increase your risk of Esophageal Cancer. This is something worth thinking about and making sure you alter your coffee habit accordingly. It is a scientifically PROVEN risk.

Here’s some more links to study on Acrylamide. If you search Google you can find a lot more from different viewpoints.

CBS News Report on this

A report of coffee and risk of cancer

American Cancer Society Report on Acrylamide

Time Health Article on Acrylamide and Coffee

In the meantime, I’m moving onto my third cup of coffee of the day…


Update added:

California has declared that we do not need to have our coffee labeled. This gives me hope for a state that often seems to take things a bit too far when it comes to law making. This ruling shows that there’s a bit of common sense in their government/law offices.

Here’s one article on the update:


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