About the Writer


Meet Diana Cacy Hawkins…that’s me!

I write coffee. It’s what I do. Well, it’s a huge part of what I do.

To tell you the truth, I grew up detesting the smell of coffee. I hated it. Mom would rise and start her pot of coffee in the morning and I rushed out the door to be with my horse before the foul stench could begin.

Funny thing is, I wrote and illustrated my first book as a ten year old. Still have that beauty too. From that day forward I’ve said I’m going to grow up to be a writer. And I did.

Granted, I shoved aside my own goals and dreams to care for family for 26 years, but I made it. That’s a long time to wait, too long actually. I really should not have allowed it to go on for so long. But I did, and the experiences I gained with running and managing various businesses has added to my ability to write.

So all good.

The thing is, ten years ago, I decided to go full time with my writing career. This meant long day time hours of writing, and finding places to do that writing. The park became a hang out, but so did a local coffee shop.

And I realized that, as an adult, I actually liked the smell of coffee. Interesting.

I became good friends with the owner. She needed reliable help and I earned a reputation of having a strong work ethic, with good business sense. After so many times of her pleading with me, I relented. “Okay, but only a few hours a week. Just during the busy hours.”


I ended up being the shop manager within weeks. She became the one to come in a few hours a day for the busy hours and I was the one there from opening to close each day.

I learned so much about coffee, about coffee drinks, the shop business, and I fell completely in love with it. The owners moved out of state after three years, and I often kick myself for not buying the business from her then. She offered me one hellova deal.

I often get asked when I’ll open another shop. And I will one day. It’s part of the Coffee & Biscotti long term business plan. The physical location will mix together the coffees, teas, spices, art, and books I love about life.

So, here I am. Writing coffee. I took my writing career in copywriting and specialized in the coffee industry. This is my life.

Other places to find me:
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Serenity Myst (fiction writing)
Marion Margaret Press (the publishing press I manage)