Travels with my Aeropress Story 1

Last weekend I traveled with my husband to familiar territory back home. We stayed in a very delightful hotel. Perfect set up and conditions for working on some SEO copy. As usual though, not so perfect hotel coffee. It’s tough to find a hotel with coffee that satisfies me. Once in a while we find those hotels that have their own coffee shop. picture
Hotel coffee. Official brew in lobby not so bad. These “pod” style makers leave too much of a plastic taste behind for me.

The Aeropress kit helps make that a little bit better.

You need clean water and a way to heat it up. And a solid cup to place your Aeropress upon.

Being my first time traveling with my Aeropress, of course I missed a few points.

There was a small kitchenette in our hotel room, complete with a microwave. I did not bring a microwavable container for the water, so I had to let the pod brewer heat the water for me. Wasn’t a bad thing really. You just do not have the control of the water temperature you would have by microwaving the water yourself.

The other thing I was not happy with is the lack of a proper cleaning cloth. Hotel kitchenettes don’t often have lint free tea towels. And no paper towels. Just the flimsy napkins in the package the pod, the yukky powdered creamer, and stirring straws come in.

The napkins were so thin they fell apart on me right away. But I managed to get my Aeropress clean.

And then, I actually forgot my creamer and coffee syrup. This is something I don’t normally do, seeing as I’ve traveled with my cold brew for quite a few years now. Lucky for me, the hotel had real creamer and Torani syrups at the coffee bar in the lobby.

For my stay here, I used Malawi Mzuzu coffee from The Coffee Roaster in Lincoln, Ne. Excellent cup of coffee for on the go!

Malawi Single Origin Coffee from

This trip was a jaunt to Fairfield, Iowa and then down to the Southeast Iowa area to see my mother. I left her the package of Malawi coffee so she could enjoy it. I’ve made her cold brew before with Brazil single origin coffee and got her hooked on that. I did not get the opportunity to make her a cup with the Aeropress though. She would have liked to see it in action. Maybe next time.

Further reviews of my trip:

Fairfield, Iowa has four coffee shops and numerous restaurants. It all looks fantastic and maybe I’ll go back to do some further review articles of the area businesses sometime.

We visited one coffee shop. The Cafe Paradiso. I wanted to check this place out since the reviews were so good. I had planned on staying there for my work time, but ended up staying at the hotel since the set up was so nice.

Instead, we just grabbed a package of coffee and left. I am pretty sure from the pictures that the owner/roaster was the one who waited on me. The cafe is very nice, with a cozy cultural feel to it. The people were very friendly and helpful. My only complaint would be that it felt as if it could get a little stuffy. Airflow seemed limited. But on warm days, there was nice outdoor seating.

I’m  a lover of architecture, and Iowa has some of the best buildings ever. The Cafe Paradiso building did not disappoint me. Very nice.

Signature Blend Coffee from
Very good coffee! We tried it in the Aeropress and home brew machine. Seems like a definite chocolate flavor with something we think may be floral. Going to get the advice on this with my more experienced tasting experts in this tomorrow.
Be sure if you visit and grab some coffee there to bring a good strong tape or clamp to close it with. I suggest right away. They don’t seal the bag and it’s not airtight unless you make it so.

In Burlington, Iowa we stopped at Panera for coffee and bagels. Probably not doing that again. The staff were very friendly, but I didn’t like the “you’re a number” feel to the service.

Okay, that I could get around. I frequent Panera a lot in Lincoln and like it a lot.

But I ordered an iced caramel latte. Had to wait forever on it, and when they finally got around to it, the order was wrong. Oddly, I had to wait but two minutes tops for them to redo the order.

There was hardly any other customers at the time, so no excuse. Lesson learned. Stop for coffee in Burlington it’s one of the known independent shops or Starbucks from now on.



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