Coming Fall 2017!

Idea Plan Action!


This site for Coffee and Biscotti started out as a fun blog. I didn’t know what I’d do with it, or if I’d even keep it.

It wasn’t long before I decided it would become the place to speak about my upcoming coffee books. Then, my copywriting business took a strong turn and I became The Coffee Copywriter.

AND THEN, while in discussion with opportunities with a head roaster, more ideas have come and now it’s really interesting. Coffee and Biscotti is on the verge of something wonderful.

Throughout the summer, I’ll be building products and establishing connections to build Coffee and Biscotti into a much fuller business enterprise than I first imagined it would be. That new incarnation will ultimately lead into the physical location for Coffee and Biscotti.

When and where for the physical incarnation is still a mystery. Maybe we’ll know by the fall time.

While I can’t go into details, as much of the business set up is still in planning and negotiations, I can say we have coming in fall time:

  • Free reports
  • Coffee stories
  • Coffee Newsletter
  • Coffee books
  • Coffee related products
  • Coffee artwork
  • and more!

Update April 25th: We’re working on the website some more and we have more planned out for the fall time. Coffee and Biscotti will likely become a type of community for coffee lovers, especially those who choose to drink coffee in a more healthy way.

An online magazine will be part of the adventure. It’s in the works and the first issue will involve Lincoln, Nebraska based businesses. I’m working on featuring the PurJava line, The Coffee Roaster on Old Cheney, and I have a few others in mind that I need to approach yet. Release schedule is to be announced soon!

Thanks for visiting! Do come back often!

Diana Cacy Hawkins