Falling apart and Coming Together

It’s aIt's a Mocha Thing from coffeeandbiscotti.comll good. For the most part.

I had this wonderful “traveling with coffee” series planned out to post here for November. We were taking a ten day trip to Florida. Our second attempt.

First night out, a medical situation with my husband happens and the trip is cut short. It’s still ongoing. In between the writing, I’m running him to outpatient testing today. We should know something definite by end of the month. And hopefully get that trip rescheduled. Again.

I do have a trip in the fall of 2018 that I’ll probably fly out for. The challenge for me will be coffee. I’ve grown so used to packing cold brew, fresh roasted grounds, my aeropress, and supplies when we travel by car. Having to rely on hotel coffee may not suit me. *grin*

The plans for developing this website out have taken longer than I’ve anticipated, but the work is energizing. The changes will start after the holidays in January and grow from there. I’m excited to see the transformation and growth.

In the meantime, everyone have a wonderful Holiday season. Stay safe!



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