A Random Thought on What We Know of Coffee

A Random Thought on What We Know of Coffee

A recent comment by a friend got me to thinking. He said he drinks coffee and commented on how first coffee was wonderful, then it was bad, and now it’s good for you again. He suggested that no one really knows.

I’ve had this very thought about many things in the past. Wasn’t until I started researching foods and their history that I realized how this line of thinking is from being uninformed of the details involved.

Coffee was great because it got us perky. Then it was bad, first by an error in reporting that took off by word of mouth, then by seeing more people hit with bad health issues when they drank coffee. And then a boom in the last ten years or less that coffee is super good for you.

I won’t go into deep detail of the history of coffee, but I see some very familiar patterns now. And not in just how we think about coffee.

As we advance in our knowledge we do things better. You can see this in action with many products that have benefited by advances in technology over the years. And coffee is no exception.

  • Coffee was discovered. People drank it. People liked the effect.
  • Health issues, such as heart related ones increased. A link to coffee was found and coffee was blamed.
  • Professional groups started studying coffee and reporting on it. The beginning efforts were somewhat helpful, but not as helpful as they could have been, for they failed to consider other factors for people in the studies, such as smoking habits.
  • Professionals conducting the studies began to think maybe there’s more to the story and studied the results even more.
  • Better controlled studies were performed all over the world.
  • Lo and behold! We find coffee was not the culprit in many instances, but other factors involved.

A few things happened over time with coffee too. We learned that filtered coffee is very good and unfiltered is very bad. We learned more about caffeine and what’s safe and what’s not.

My future book goes into further detail on this. I’ve already filled 1 1/2 notebooks and dozens of notecards with notes on studies and verified findings.

My hope is that with my work and those of many others out there, people will begin to understand when coffee is good for them, and when it’s not. Coffee, like so many other things in life, can be a real benefit when drank in moderation.

Of course, I’ll cover the times coffee is not a benefit for you, and your alternatives so you don’t feel left out at the coffee shop.


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