My Morning Coffee

It’s appropriate that the first post of this new blog would be showing off how coffee starts my day off. I drink two hot lattes with caffeine to start with and then finish the day with decaf cold coffees.

Today's is made with Guatemala/Panama coffee with a bit of caramel, vanilla Torani syrup in milk before it's frothed.
Today’s is made with Guatemala/Panama coffee with a bit of caramel, vanilla Torani syrup in almond milk before it’s frothed.

The lovely picture is actually my counter with my latest coffee drink. Some of the froth went down on the coffee by the time I took the picture. Our family Easter is tonight, so my cup had to withstand extra moving and shaking about before I could stop and snap a shot of it.

You’ll notice in front is the aerolatte handheld frother. For my birthday, my husband treated me out to a coffee shopping trip. I bought the frother and all the measuring cups and storage containers I needed for all of my coffee recipes.

Today’s hot lattes use a Guatemala/Panama coffee blend from Coffee Roaster, cold brewed in the Toddy and heated up as I need it. I use about a tablespoon of caramel ice cream syrup for added flavoring.

I use sweetened vanilla almond milk at home. To add a bit of flavor to the milk, I use a teaspoon of Torani Vanilla Syrup before frothing it.

My particular home lattes are designed for what rules I follow for my health. I have a hidden condition to make allowances for, plus I am treated to keep my high blood pressure down.

Some would tell you to avoid coffee at all costs if you have high blood pressure. I did not. I refused. I used to run a coffee shop, and will again in the not so distant future. At our coffee shop, we catered to many different dietary and medical needs.

I learned that whether a person should avoid coffee is something to be decided on a personal basis. Paranoid, generalized statements to avoid coffee is not the best answer for me, and for many others.

When I first went to the doctor my blood pressure was “you’re gonna die” high. Through watching my diet and my emotional health, I got that down to a normal range in less than a year’s time. The doctor was very impressed.

I did all this without giving up my coffee. Actually, my coffee intake increased over this period of time. Obviously, my blood pressure issues are not caffeine related.

Now, I did consider the caffeine side of it and watched things progress. I found that I was not sensitive to caffeine. Through more effort, I did manage to find my happy spot in caffeine levels within the coffee.

For me, my blood pressure suffers no effects if I keep it to the suggested amount for pregnant women. To do this, I’ve developed a routine of having two regular lattes in the morning and decaffeinated lattes in the afternoon.

As I said, everyone is different. Some really are sensitive to caffeine and even this would be too much for them. Luckily, I am not. My dietary challenge is salt. I’m sensitive to that.

It’s always best to discuss any changes in your diet with your doctor first. My doctor is very easy to work with and talk to. He takes time to really listen to his patients.


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